Airsoft Rental Package
Package includes use of M4 airsoft rifle, 2 magazines, 500 bb's and face mask.
Price $50/day
Rental Equipment
All Marauder Adventure Group programs require the following equipment:

Sealed Eye Protection
(mouth guard encouraged)

Military Uniform
(Tan, OD, Multicam, ATACs)

Airsoft Weapon 
(under 375fps with .25 bb)

or UTM Rental
Includes airsoft rental package, desert camouflage uniform with hat (or helmet) and plate carrier.
Price $80/day
UTM Package
Ultimate Training Munitions are non-lethal man marking rounds.  This package provides a conversion bolt for an AR-15, two magazines, and 50 rounds.  Additional boxes of 50 rounds are $50 each.
Price $80/day
UTM Weapon Package
This option includes the use of an AR 15 with UTM conversion bolt, two magazines and 50 rounds of UTM ammo.  Additional boxes of 50 rounds are $50 each.
Price $125/day
Marauders Adventure Group offers multiple rental packages for those who don't have their own equipment.  

Use the form below to reserve your equipment package.  Please make sure to include the event name, package name and uniform sizes.