Where is your training property located?
The MTT Urban Assault Course is located about one hour west of down town Phoenix, AZ.  The closest intersection is 419th Avenue and Elliot Road.  From there it is a three mile drive on a dirt road to our gate.

Who are your instructors?  What are their qualifications?

Mike Simpson is the Director of Training for MTT. He spent four years as a member of the 77th Security Forces Squadron at McClellan Air Force Base.  Over the past 12 years, Mike has worked as a security consultant and tactical trainer in over 17 countries.

As Director of Training, Mike has put together a team of civilian and military instructors whose primary mission is to provide safe, affordable and realistic training.
Who attends your classes, and why?
About 80% of our guests are civilians interested in learning more about self defense or looking for a place to hone their skills.  
Our programs are regularly attended by military personnel (current and former), law enforcement, business professionals, teens in ROTC or Explorers, college students, husbands and wives.  Visit the link to our reviews at the top of this page to learn why our guests train here.
Why are your classes more affordable than other schools?
Mike Simpson, Director of Training, realized that self defense and combat skills are extremely perishable and must evolve constantly.  Our programs are similar to the study of a martial art in that they must be practiced regularly.  Our pricing structure and specials allow our guests to make training a normal part of their lifestyle instead of only being able to afford a class once or twice per year.
I bought a discount admission from a gun show and it expired, can I still use it?  
When purchased, our staff explained that these tickets were a marketing promotion and valid for one year from the date of purchase.  Upon expiration, the tickets are not valid and will not be honored.  In the past our staff would try to make exceptions based upon circumstances, however, due to high demand, expired discount tickets will not be accepted.
Are you hiring?
We hire all of our instructors from the community of students who train with us.  We don't hire based upon resumes or military experience.  
Can I come out to observe a class?
Our programs are almost always at capacity.  We don't authorize visitors or observers without prior approval.  Please contact our Director of Training, Mike Simpson at (602) 326-9849 to discuss this possibility.
Are you a militia?  Will the government put me on a watch list for training with you?
MTT is a private business.  We welcome legal firearm owners, international tourists or resident aliens to train with us. We are not an organized militia.  As to the question about watch lists, you are probably on one for visiting this website now.

I heard that these classes are just adventure based experiences and not real training.  Is that right?

MTT offers both real world training opportunities through our programs and adventure based experiences.  Our staff has found the most effective way to educate adults and teens is to provide an element of excitement and fun during the learning process.  ​ Over the past 12 years of training, our Director constantly hears the following from our law enforcement and military clients vs our civilian clients.

Mike: "As part of your introduction, please share your reasons for attending this training program today."

Typical civilian guest: "I really want to learn something that will help me keep my family safe and it looked like a lot of fun."

Typical LE/Mil/Security student:  "My boss told me I have to take this class."

What is the Tactical Tiki?

Only those who have experienced Ground Combat School can understand what the Tactical Tiki really is.  ​Explaining it here would be like explaining the simple meaning of the Second Amendment to the leadership of a Democrat controlled state.  Simple to do, but they just won't get it.  So here goes - You are tired from about 16 hours of training, exhausted from the team move and shoot obstacle course and now have to constantly run while wearing about 40 - 60 lbs of gear and carrying a 60 lb Tiki God who demands much movee movee and much shootee shootee.

I am taking a two day class, do I go home, camp out or rent a hotel room?
Multiple training days hosted at the Urban Assault Course give the guest all three of the options above.  Most guests choose to camp at the property.  If you are going to stay, make sure to bring plenty of water, snacks and camping supplies.  There is a bathroom at the property and a couple of fire pits that are used from October - May for the task of preparing delicious Cheddar Dogs and Tequila Lime Sausages.