DATES:       November 9 - 11, 2018
                    November 9  (Members Only)
                    November 10 - 11 (Open to General Public)

LOCATION:  Marauders Urban Assault Course 
                      Near 411th Avenue and Elliot Road (1 hour west of Phoenix, AZ)

​Join us for three days of competition, real world tactics, rappelling, door breaching and action packed mission full of terrorists and pyrotechnics.  The adventure can be attended by just about anyone who has a positive attitude and a desire to learn and have fun.  Bring your gear or rent everything you need from us.  

Mission: Day 1 (Members Only)
Members get the opportunity to compete in six different live fire obstacle courses.  Competition stages for our members include:
  • Individual Marksmanship Challenge
  • Individual Move and Shoot Obstacle Course - Rifle
  • Individual Move and Shoot Obstacle Course - Pistol
  • Paired Tactics - Building Clearing
  • Fire Team Move and Shoot Obstacle Course
  • Tactical Tiki Move and Shoot Obstacle Course

Mission: Day 2 (Open to Public)
Become part of a special operations squad for a weekend of military simulation adventure.  Your team will be equipped and receive real world training including:

  • ​Team Formations
  • Weapon Training
  • Rappelling
  • Door Breaching
  • Use of Flash Bangs
  • Building Clearing
  • Medical Training
  • Mission Planning
  • Mission Rehearsal

Mission: Day 3
​Your team must complete a series of action packed missions that features the use of non lethal training munitions*. Have your own AR-15?  Rent one of our UTM bolt carrier groups and use your own real rifle to fire man marking rounds during the missions.  Mission profiles include:

  • Rappel down a building to capture a high value terrorist target.
  • Form a plan and rescue a US soldier captured by terrorists.
  • Can you escape from a Middle Eastern town filled with smoke and explosions?

 *Force-on-Force options include airsoft and Ultimate Training Munitions

General Public - $999 Includes use of all required equipment 
General Public with personal equipment - $500
Premium and Monthly Members - $50/day
Basic Members - $75/day

Tan, OD, or Multicam Uniform (pants, shirt, hat and helmet required)
Non lethal munitions training weapon (airsoft - under 375 fps with .25 bb's)
AR-15 with sling (optional) - converted to fire man marking rounds
Full face mask with sealed eye protection and mouth guard
At least two magazines
Tactical gear (plate carrier or chest rig recommended)
Gloves and boots
Water, snacks and personal meals
Camping equipment